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We would like to get in touch with as many potential class members as possible. We therefore invite you to contact us at  [email protected] if you think you might be in the class described here. If you know someone else who might also be a potential class member, please pass along this information to him or her. Some people detained were likely homeless or from out-of-town, if you can bring this to their attention that could be a way to help.

It is particularly important to contact us if you were detained (e.g. “kettled”) but the police did not write down your name. Please email us to identify yourself if that happened to you.

If you contact us, please include 1) your name, 2) an email address, 3) where you were detained, 4) whether you were formally charged with an offence (“breach of the peace” is not an offence), and 5) whether the police took down your name. It would also be helpful if you include a description of what happened to you and/or copies of your best g20-related photos and video. We may make more specific requests for information in the future.

It may take us some time to respond to emails from class members. To help manage the high number of emails we have received, we will try to post answers to common questions on this website instead of sending many individual emails answering the same questions. We will provide more information to potential class members, but it may be some time before we do so while the initial stages in the lawsuit are dealt with. Please check back to this website periodically for updates.

By sending us your information you are not committing yourself to be part of this class action (i.e. you can still choose to “opt-out” later) and you are not directly “retaining” us (i.e. we do not become your personal lawyers).

We can be contacted by potential class members at:

[email protected] (please contact us by email if possible)
Fax: (416) 598-9520
Regular mail: 160 John Street, Suite 300, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2E5

 Legal Counsel for the G20 Class Action:

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Eric K. Gillespie Professional Corporation
600-10 King St. E.
Toronto, Ontario M5C 1C3

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Klippensteins, Barristers and Solicitors
160 John Street, Suite 300
Toronto, Ontario M5V 2E5