Documents and Materials

G20 Settlement Agreement – July 3 2020

Court Approval of Settlement Agreement – Reasons for Decision of Justice Belobaba, Oct. 22, 2020

Statement of Claim for Good v. Toronto Police Services Board

Statement of Claim for Taylor v. Toronto Police Services Board

Certification Order – August 6, 2014

Court of Appeal Ruling, Confirming the ruling of the Divisional Court – April 6, 2016

Divisional Court Ruling, Approving the G20 class action – August 6, 2014

Order , (Re Dismissal Against Canada, Ontario, Peel) – March 17, 2014

Notice of Appeal, filed in the Divisional Court on December 13, 2013

Court’s Reasons, regarding motion for certification, released May 24, 2013 (overturned by the Divisional Court)

Statement of Sherry Good, the representative plaintiff, dated August 6, 2010

Excerpts from the Commission Interim Report re the APEC demonstrations

Media Release, Re Court of Appeal Ruling – April 6, 2016

Press Advisory, dated August 5, 2010, re announcement of class action lawsuit